Landscape Committee
Garden Club of St. Augustine, Inc.
Garden Club of St. Augustine, Inc.
This Committee was established to undertake the ongoing task of beautifying
and enriching the gardens around the Garden Center.
The objective is to become a ‘Community Gardens Showcase’, with accessible
nature trails, butterfly gardens, cutting gardens, hydroponic gardens,
inviting bat houses, bird houses and feeders.
This Committee works tirelessly to keep the gardens looking pristine
without the assistance of a water system.
Meeting Dates and Times are announced at Garden Club Meetings.
Meeting location -- Garden Center.

Committee Chair --
Maggie Ouellette
Committee members:
Ann Doak, Barbie and Craig Raynor, Bev Stuart,Andy Edgell,
Marcia Cotter, Mimi Cooke, Dot Quelch, Pat Gay, Shirley Bonner,
Pat Greenman, Cynthia Avance, Holly Jaques, Teresa Lopez
and Gloria Burchfield.
Enjoy the beautiful photos below of this Committee's dedication.
Starfish Cactus
Japanese Plum
Honor Garden
Bee House
Window Box